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giving cultures a voice

You have a voice

Talking English works with people from all over the world, and one of the things we have discovered, which shouldn’t come as a surprise is that we are different! 

There are cultural differences, and this is not a bad thing IF we understand them. 

When we don’t understand these differences, it can cause division and can lead to conflict, and in the past has caused violent conflict. 

Talking English are able to put on workshops where we can openly discuss the differences and the misunderstandings, and work together to find solutions for these issues. 

We can give you community a voice.


Links together

Working closley with BeMoreSocial an exciting marketing company we will be putting on some exciting new networking events., where we can discuss media in the 21st Century. 

These are an opportunity for you to meet with other business’s from your own cultural background and share the effects of cultural differences in the workplace.

Not only will you be able to network with other companies, it could give you the solution to the issues you face running a company in 2019 in Great Brittan. 

Talking English - Just for you


These are one to one session for you alone, a chance to describe in detail the issues you face with cultural differences today, and to be able to discuss, and hopefully come up with solutions to the issues you face. 

These can be held in your place of work, or at a location of your choice, café or bar. 

Together we can achieve far more and see our communities work comfortably beside each other.