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Two Jens & Me  theatre company are an award winning company that believe in making their theatrical work count! Our first play which was part of the not well-known Birmingham fringe festival in July 2019  called A Matter of Law and received the award for best new piece 2019 against some very stiff competition. 


It tackles the difficult subject of male domestic abuse (see full details below). Other works are in progress including For Those We Leave Behind, a powerful piece of comedy and tragedy about the subject of cancer (Again full details below). 


The company was formed as a result of the Adult Drama classes at the Birmingham Rep Theatre - Jennifer Mayo, Jenny Northam and Michael Harris all found a common passion for the arts and wanted to put something on that mattered. 


Michael who had never written a full play before offered to give it a try. 

Jennifer who is the Director of our plays, and Jenny who is the Company Manager, agreed to let him try. 


Just over a week later the first draft of A Matter of Law was written, and we are delighted with the progress of this play.


Since then Michael has gone on to write For Those We Leave Behind and is currently working on other projects as well.

The company is a not for profit organisation who works on a profit share basis at this time, but we hope that as the reputation of this powerful team grows, more opportunities will also become available.

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Edwina’s husband has injuries that cannot be easily explained. Who did it? Edwina? or is this the action of a man who needs mental health care, is she the victim? In this interactive play you become the Jury, Guilty or Not Guilty? It is up to you!

A Matter of Law Poster

This totally new play seeks to highlight the suffering of men in Domestic Abuse.  So many men suffer in silence, because of shame, fear or guilt. Two Jens & Me pride themselves on taking difficult subjects and facing them full on.  30 Men will die this year alone as a direct result of domestic abuse. 

The play seeks to take you into the courtroom, in the trial of Edwina Frankield.  That Trevor has suffered injuries and mental health issues is not in question, but who or what is to blame? You as the audience will decide if Edwina is a saint or a sinner, is she Guilty or Not Guilty? This show will tour in the Autumn of 2020.

Laughing About Cancer - Two ladies face an uncertain future due to the evil of cancer. To get through the agony they find humour that sets them free.

For those, we leave behind about Cancer


This powerful play has been described as the Vagina Monologues meets Tragedy. 

Two ladies meet for the first time while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and they immediately hit it off. 

Through the play we see their use of humour to over come the tragedy they are facing, it quickly becomes clear that this is a friendship for life, however short that life maybe.

We see the dramatic effects on not only the people diagnosed with cancer but on their wider family and friends.

This play will have you laughing one minute, crying the next and then getting angry at the injustice and evils of cancer. 

A Matter of Law

This interactive play was premiered at the Birmingham Fest 2019 and was seen by over 140 people in the three days. 

It's aim was to encourage  people to stop and talk about Male Domestic Abuse, and we  achieved our aim .  It had  the power to split the audience as they had to  decide if she was guilty or not guilty.


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